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Chippi D4 Adhesive

Chippi D4 is a moisture curing, single-component reactive adhesive, based on polyurethane. It is highly resistant to water and temperature and conforms to D4 according to EN204/D4. It has been developed for use in various applications including:

      • Laminate bonding of wood and wood materials
      • Joint bonding for outdoor use
      • Joint bonding of MDF boards
      • Bonding of mineral building boards
      • Bonding of ceramic materials, concrete materials and hard foams
      • Bonding of windows and doors, e.g. laminating of windows and joint bonding of doors
      • Most commonly used for floors, doors, windows and stairs

Chippi D4 is a simple to use single component product. It is very easy to apply and has relatively short curing times. The thermal setting glue joint is extremely resistant to high temperatures and it achieves highest bond strength.

Box Quantities: 12 x 1kg

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